Isn't It  interesting to read the acknowledgement chapter (Thanks list) on a book or Cd album? to me it is. It's the first thing im going to read before reading the next chapter. It is How the author shows the gratitude  and dedication to those who have helped & inspired them. I wonder how it's like to be around the author to see and feel their excitement, their ups and down during their creative process (research, writing or recording). Wondering myself  sitting next to them and listen to their thoughts and ideas is going to be fun.

"Lastly special thanks must go to Liza and Helmut Zusak - for the stories we find hard to believe, for laughter and for showing me another side." Markus Zusak - The book thief 

"Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this record. Everyone who brought me back to life to write it. And to everyone who played on it and took it to their hearts to make it happen. To everyone along the way in the past and in the present - family, friends, and fans, thankyou from the bottom of my heart. love always. Adele X . " Adele21

How nice to share moments. Sweet and sincere, no?

Shandy sondoro put many names on his thanks list
Names on the Thank's list might not give a huge contribution such as money, but  more than that is encouragement, and they must be very proud, no... its not that because the author put their name, they proud because he/ she (author, singer you name it) could finally make it.  
Simple, the author dedicates her book for her sister
I love to find a little note on the first page of a book sent by my friends although they don't write the book, but to me they're trying to show their support, caring, and love. Someday, this little note could help me to remember whom the book's from. 

The first page of the book, sent by a very good friend of mine
The second page of the book. of course i like this book Rie. thankyou
Me? Yes, i imagine my name will be written on someone's book or CD album. Well I believe my name is on my good friend's thesis . I even already make the  list so that i will not forget. Who knows I might publish my own book oneday .


  1. Hi Ru,

    First time commenting here. I agree with you. I also like to read the notes on books I received as gifts. It makes them personal. I also love to write in the book myself.

    Thank you note show the appreciation of the love and care during the process.

  2. yea its so true mbak Yo, and i could see their relations to each other. Terimakasih to leave a comment :D


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