so, this is what i do this weekend
My childhood favorite book, after years i could finally reread it (in english version, i used to read the  Indonesian one,  it was TINI DAN TONO and i couldnt find it anywhere else here right now), so a best friend Rie sent this for me  she bought it when she was traveling to London

Iranian movie, my favorite one

snacking while writing on  my computer SuSi

just tried a new recipe from a friend Mrs. Yessy Martin Kenny,  taste good :)  good companion to watch football, Indonesia VS Vietnam hope the GARUDA can make it tonite


  1. hehehehe, keripik tempe bikinan istri adik sepupu

  2. Background.. background :-) terlalu rainbow :-)

  3. ohhhh :( tapi aku kan suka buku, coba aku ganti kamu terus kasih masukan ya, im only beginner :-)


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